Hot Topic

So today I asked my mom to take me to Hot Topic to buy a birthday present for my boyfriend, Austin. She said okay. We get there and I was either planning to buy him a Hollywood Undead shirt or A Day To Remember shirt. He loves both bands, and he doesn’t have any band shirts. 

So I get to Hot Topic and go to the guys side and I see a tit load of bullshit shirts like Nikki Minaj and other bad shit. And I finally see some Asking Alexandria shirts. But there’s not that many so I go to the other wall and I see there’s more shirts. I look up and down and I don’t see any A Day To Remember shirts. I couldn’t get him the Hollywood Undead cuz he said he’d only wear one with Duce in it. So no HU shirts. I go up to a girl that works there and I’m like “Hey do you have any A Day To Remember shirts?” and she looks for them, she can’t find them. And she looks for them online and she says “I’m sorry we don’t carry their shirts anymore” 

All I thought was WTF? This is supposed to be Hot Topic. You know. That one store in the mall worth going to. It really pisses me off because they have a tit load of shirts that are crap. I miss the old Hot Topic. The one that kids were afraid to go into. 

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  • Posted: 05 October 2012